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[Sims4] Update 2019.10.03 21:52:14

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2019.09.18 21:11:37

Game updated to version

[Sims4] New content 2019.09.10 20:41:29

Added Realm of magic.

[Sims4] Update 2019.09.05 21:26:09

Game updated to version

[Sims4] New content 2019.08.13 20:04:15

Added Moschino Stuff Pack.

[Sims4] Update 2019.08.09 09:35:43

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2019.07.16 20:51:20

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update and content 2019.06.20 17:06:42

Game updated to version
Added Island Living.

[All] Update 2019.06.18 14:13:29

Added achievements. Can be viewed on site and in ZLOrigin, only own, for now.

[Sims4] Update 2019.04.20 16:52:29

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2019.04.16 21:43:18

Game updated to version

[All] Fixes 2019.03.04 03:56:53

Fixed launching from ZClient, now should always start without errors/attempts to launch ZLO/origin.
Blinking console in BF4 when starting from the ZClient was most likely due to the same issue.
There is no longer 50 fps limit in BF4.

[Sims4] New content 2019.02.26 21:39:50

Added game pack StrangerVille.

[Sims4] Update 2019.02.21 22:33:51

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2019.02.05 22:08:29

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.12.21 12:01:38

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.12.18 23:09:23

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.11.21 10:59:15

Game updated to version

[Sims4] New content 2018.11.15 16:54:21

Added Get famous.
Even faster than in Australia.

[Sims4] Update 2018.11.13 23:08:28

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Extension 2018.10.15 20:33:33

The extension "Get Famous" for The Sims 4 has been pre-ordered.

[Sims4] Extension 2018.10.10 18:40:30

New Extension for The Sims 4 will be released on November 16. All together we can collect the required amount (2k rus rub ~ 30 USD) to preorder it.

Full Instruction how to donate

[Sims4] Update 2018.08.16 22:08:53

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.07.31 22:02:35

Game updated to version

[SCR] Update 2018.07.17 13:52:30

Starcraft remastered was updated to, also added all languages.

[Sims4] Update 2018.07.10 21:37:50

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.06.27 10:06:18

Game updated to version

[Sims4] New content 2018.06.21 17:24:22

Added Seasons

[Sims4] Update 2018.06.20 15:14:41

Game updated to version

[Site] Domain 2018.06.20 14:41:34

Old domain is suspended, new domain

[Sims4] Update 2018.05.25 10:23:51

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.04.17 22:30:08

Game updated to version

[Factorio] Update 2018.03.28 10:45:05

Game updated to version 0.16.35

[Sims4] Update 2018.03.21 09:08:09

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Added pack 2018.03.13 20:04:12

Added My First Pet Stuff

[Sims4] Update 2018.03.09 01:13:54

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.02.27 21:06:48

Added Jungle Adventure.

[Sims4] Update 2018.02.23 18:17:55

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2018.02.07 11:04:41

Sims4 updated to version

[Sims4] Added pack 2018.01.16 20:40:46

Added Laundry Day Stuff Pack.

[Sims4] Update 2018.01.12 14:02:10

Sims4 updated to version

[SCR] Update 2018.01.09 14:14:11

Starcraft remastered updated to version

[Info] Cheat engine 2017.12.28 19:50:23

From tomorrow bans will be for cheat engine too.
And i reminding: there is bans for any trainers, even in single player.

[Sims4] Update 2017.12.13 09:52:37

Game updated to version

[Factorio] Update 2017.12.11 08:38:26

Game updated to version 0.15.40

[Sims4] Update 2017.11.16 00:40:18

Sims4 updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2017.11.10 08:17:06

Sims4 updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2017.11.09 18:58:33

Added Cats & Dogs!

[Sims] Update 2017.11.08 10:57:17

Sims2 updated.
Sims4 updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2017.10.18 10:47:49

Sims4 updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2017.09.12 22:37:25

Game updated to version

[Sims4] Update 2017.08.24 20:05:42

Added Toddler Stuff.

[Sims4] Update 2017.08.23 19:35:59

Game updated to version

[Factorio] Added new game 2017.08.15 11:35:44

Factorio was added to ZLOEmu, all details in FAQ

[All] Just some stats 2017.08.11 15:31:07

Uptime: 35d 18h 55m 22s
Ram usage: 1409.61Mb
Max connections: 2516
Banned for cheats: 184
Generated licenses: 25186
Game launches: 1183755
Origin messages sent: 24993
BF3 Stats loaded: 1057263 times
BF3 Stats saved: 516269 times
BF3 Stats loaded size: 1601896216 bytes
BF4 Stats loaded: 710837 times
BF4 Stats saved: 237030 times
BF4 Stats loaded size: 1467016541 bytes
BF4 Items loaded: 503326 times
BF4 Items saved: 78947 times
BF4 Items loaded size: 66452551 bytes
BF4 Consumables loaded: 398725 times
BF4 Consumables saved: 81229 times

[All] Update 2017.08.01 23:41:35

Fixed bug with running BF4 from ZClient.
Fixed bug with second login to game servers from BF4 GUI.
Fixed "bugs" with license in Sims 2.

[Sims4] Update 2017.07.19 17:23:08

Game updated to version

[All] Update 2017.06.27 11:58:12

Added Sims3 with all extra content. No emu for network functions, but if you have license acc - you can use it in game, not tested.
Allowed to run games from ZClient without ZLOrigin: BFBC2, BF3, BF4, DS1, DS2, DS3, ME1, ME2, Sims3, Sims4, NFS14. Also updated NFS14, now without dinput8, for future.

[Sims4] Update 2017.06.20 20:05:55

Added Fitness Stuff.

[Sims4] Update 2017.06.15 22:45:45

Game updated to version

[All] Update 2017.06.15 12:51:10

Now you can run games without running zlorigin, for now its bf4 and sims4.
Also our vk group was blocked.

[All] Update 2017.06.05 15:33:29

Opendrive removed, only mailru again. Also fixed bug with content in sims4, when it was always as new with greeting screens.

[Sims4] Update 2017.06.02 13:03:08

Game updated to For now - only in mailru, some problems with opendrive, will work today or next week, i think.

[Sims4] New content 2017.05.30 20:32:56

Added content "Parenthood", you can already play, but in origin it will be available after 30min.

[BF3] Update 2017.05.03 15:42:29

BF3 moved to Monolith. All old launchers will not work.
You can continue playing without ZLOrigin. But in ZLOrigin works friends and in-game overlay, also some other EA games aviable. And BF4 too.

How to update:
1. Download ZClient from FAQ.
2. Download and unpack with overwrite
3. Download new launcher here.

How to run:
1. Run ZClient, wait for "Auth success.."
2. Run launcher.
3. Play.
FAQ will be updated with time.

Also new R40 BF3 server with crack here.

Also new ban system, which you can saw as Wahaha bans, in short - its much better, but can be some wrong bans.

[All] Update 2017.03.31 12:04:43

The time has come, soon i will shutdown monolith and current bf3 emu, time to update bf3 to monolith.
This means that all current bf3 launchers will not work. All instructions will be later.

[All] Update 2016.08.23 23:07:57

All bans now will be permanent. Enjoy.

[All] Its time 2016.07.06 09:29:43

Just for info: Z = permaban

[All] Update 2016.04.25 12:42:27

All new ZloLog also no ddos over month or two on current hoster.

[All] Status 2016.03.06 01:59:38

Ddos, again. Current hoster cant handle it on vps, dedic - cost too much. BF3 will not work some time, maybe days.

[All] Status 2016.02.21 19:18:48

Moved to new host, will what will be with ddos.

[All] Status 2016.02.21 18:14:59

Its ddos, so again i will soon move all to new hoster.

[All] Status 2016.02.19 10:23:15

DDoS suddenly stopped 2 days ago.
Just for fun made cheaters by country list

[All] Status 2016.02.13 18:41:36

We are under ddos and moved to new hoster, so if something not work - its NORMAL.

[BF3] Update v7 2015.09.21 14:56:17

Client update just unpack to client with overwrite.
Server update unpack to server folder, login&pass now in bat file, not in exe. Just add to cmd line -zlogin login -zpass pass
Launcher will not autoupdate, so download

[BC2] Update 2015.09.18 11:39:19

BC2 moved to zloemu, authorization too.
Client update
Server update Now server login&pass used in bat file: -zlogin test -zpass test DO NOT USE ServerPass. If you have some servers in Win32Game.cfg - remove them.
If you want move stats from old personas - auth on zloemu, go to !REMOVED! and login with OLD FORUM account, select persona to move, if have more than one, done. If was more then one persona - create another account on zloemu for each, because only one persona allowed now, with name from site.
Delete persona in game - will just wipe all data from it.

[BC2] Changes 2015.09.10 09:29:04

Soon BC2 will be moved to this site, authorization too.
Will be page, where you can transfer all current data from zlogames to zloemu.
Changes: new crack and exe(including server), will be only one persona per account with name from zloemu, delete persona - just delete all stats and other data, create persona - disabled. If you want more personas - just create another account. Friend list will be wiped.
Later i'll post all needed files and links.

[BF3] Adding servers 2015.07.16 09:31:46

From now - to add server you must at least one time login to bf3 from same account. You cant add server to account without DRM autorization. Not related with already added servers.
Multiexp servers(>2xp) will be permanent banned on emu with account.

[Site] Site changes 2015.02.09 16:44:04

Added name change, once in 7 days.

[Site] Site changes 2014.11.25 10:42:33

Added banlist, password changer and recovery.

[BF3] 6.3.1 2014.11.01 15:32:31

Fixed MISSING_CONTENT on karkand maps.

[BF3] Its open 2014.11.01 00:29:30

1. Update dll first time MANUALLY to 6.3.0
2. You can add servers now.
3. About bans - first ban for cheats - 30d, second - permanent.

[BF3] Its time 2014.10.31 22:23:50

At 00:00msk will be wipe of v5 and current v6, so all will be in same conditions.
If you was registered on v6 - register again, remove c:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License\DGR01609245.dlf, redownload and unpack to client with replace.